Aug 012017

Piers Morgan doesn’t take kindly to “celebrities” who fucked their way to fame.

So, when the controversial journalist found out his new Good Morning Britain colleagues would be the winners of a reality show called Love Island, he felt a wee bit screwed over.

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In fact, Morgan was so butthurt learning that Kem Cetinay and Amber Davies had become the morning show’s new showbiz presenters, he joked about quitting the program altogether!

The 52-year-old responded to reports of the couple’s hiring on Twitter, bluntly writing:

Morgan’s quip came after he skewered the pair for gaining notoriety for having sex on TV. While voicing his disdain for the show last week, he explained:

“I’m not jealous, I don’t mind ITV doing well, it’s good for all of us but it means lots and lots of people are being seduced into thinking this is how you get on in life. That having sex live on TV on blow up turtles is the way you get on in life – no the way you get on in life is working hard on a talent which you get rewarded for.”

Sadly, he’s right. The entry barrier to fame is at an all-time low in our world of Teen Mom, The Bachelor, and Kardashians!

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The outspoken host condemned ITV for rewarding the couple for going at it on screen with a lofty paycheck, adding:

“Their [Kem and Amber’s] talent is ‘we were at it like rabbits’ and for that they’re going to get millions of pounds. There’s a word for that but I’m not going use it at this time of the morning.”

We’ll say it: high-end prostitution, baby!!!!

Despite Morgan’s grievances, the couple will continue to be rewarded for their, um… talents. A GMB spokesperson confirmed:

“Kem and Amber will cover for Richard Arnold on showbiz for a week in August while he is on leave.”

At least they’ll be good at filling up slots!

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THIS Got Piers Morgan To Jokingly Threaten To Quit Good Morning Britain!
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