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Well, this is very inneresting!

On Wednesday, a grandmother gave birth to her own granddaughter in Texas! Tracey Thompson welcomed her granddaughter into the world at the Medical Center of Plano, but we promise it’s not weird!

The story is actually super sweet!

It turns out Tracey’s daughter, Kelley McKissack, and her husband, Aaron, have been struggling with infertility for quite a while.

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After three years of trying to have a baby of their own, three tragic miscarriages, and multiple infertility treatments, the 28-year-old’s mother — who had been post-menopause for seven years — offered to carry the child herself.

Doctors gave the 54-year-old a series of treatments that prepared her body for childbearing, and last April she was successfully implanted with one of Kelley’s embryos!

Tracey even shared the adorable announcement on Facebook! Ch-ch-check it out (below)!

Posted by Tracey Grubbs Thompson on Monday, July 6, 2015

And earlier this week, Tracey gave birth to her granddaughter, Kelcey!

Weighing in at 6 lb. 11oz., the beautiful baby is perfectly healthy, just like her momma and grandmomma! The lovely lady was over the moon knowing she was able to help her daughter become a parent, saying:

“It’s amazing I was able to help my daughter have her child. Watching her hold her, being a mother is so natural to her.”

But Tracey admitted that she was anxious about the procedure, considering she had already gone through menopause:

“I was nervous I wouldn’t have a successful pregnancy for my daughter and her husband. I had seen the emotions that the two of them had gone through, the heartbreak they had gone through… I didn’t want to fail.”

Kelley, however, just gushed about her mother’s amazing actions, saying:

“She did what most moms wouldn’t do. She went that extra mile She gave me life and now she’s given my daughter life.”

In fact, she selected her little one’s name because it was a combination of both Tracey and Kelley! And in case that wasn’t indication enough, the new momma admitted that her own mom truly inspires her, confessing:

“She’s the most amazing woman, she is who everyone should strive to be. She’s the best mom and grandmother that anyone could ever be. That’s who I strive to be.”

What an amazing story! We’re so happy for this new family!

[Image via The Medical Center of Plano.]

This Woman Gave Birth To Her Own Granddaughter — And It's Actually Not Weird At All!
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