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Now this how you make a gift bag!

The gift bags at the Oscars later this month are CRAZY — they are filled with nearly a quarter of a million dollars’ worth of swag!

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Gift bags at award shows aren’t a new thing, of course, but when it’s a major award show like this, well, things become just a little bit more special!

So as Leonardo DiCaprio and Cate Blanchett and the rest of your favorite stars walk down the red carpet in a few weeks, just remember that they aren’t just living the dream life in Hollywood… they’re walking away with TONS of great prizes and gifts after the show!

Here’s just a brief rundown of some of the stuff celebs are picking up at this year’s Academy Awards, made by a group called Distinctive Assets and handed out to all nominees in the acting categories, as well as the best directors:

Haze Dual V3 Vaporizers
MY M&M’s personal chocolate candies
-One year of Audi A4 rentals from Silvercar
-A walking tour of Japan, from Walk Japan
-Various travel options to Israel, Italy, and Lake Como
-A lifetime supply of Lizora Pu-erh tea inspired skin nourishment
Caolion pore care sets
Dr. Jane 360‘s proprietary hair follicle stimulant

But wait! There’s more!

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According to THR, here’s what else comes in the swag bag (it must be a REALLY big bag):

“Personal training sessions with celebrity trainer Alexis Seletzky; Belldini women’s apparel; Chocolatines’ Drunken Fig Cake bites; Dandi Patch underarm sweat patch; Delovery personalized luxury gift baskets; Farm Wife Style druzy earrings; the ultimate fitness package from Fit Club TV: Live in Fitness VIP retreat + Fit Culture Fuel performance supplements + Fit Culture Threads designer workout apparel; Gleener on the Go smart fabric care solutions; Greenhill Winery & Vineyards chardonnay; Harriet’s Cheesecakes; Hydroxycut Gummies; full kitchen sweep and workout program with fitness expert Jay Cardiello; Joseph’s Toiletries “The Welcomer” gift box; Lat & Lo customized sterling silver necklaces; memobottle slim reusable water bottles; Mezcal el Silencio; Mission1 Clean Protein Bars; Nuelle Fiera Arouser for Her; Phantom Glass iPhone screen protector; Purely Inspired organic protein, Rouge Maple gourmet fine foods; Sedona Lace synthetic Vortex brush set; ultra premium Signature Vodka; Slimware portion-control plates; Steamist Total Sense Home Spa Collection; SunDial Powder Coating; Tools by Gina pure infrared professional hair styling tools; a Concierge Tribute; Zekkle Edge metal front pocket wallet; and 740 Park MD Ultherapy.”

Um… wow.

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There. Are. No. Words.

Fun reminder for the celebs, though: if you accept this bag, you have to declare it on your taxes next year!

Womp, womp…

[Image via Academy Awards.]

This Year’s Oscars Gift Bags Include Sex Toys, Vaporizers, & About 0k Worth Of Swag!
Source: Perez Hilton

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