Jan 092016

TMZ Sues Source That Leaked Jared Leto's Studio Video

Jared Leto filed a lawsuit against TMZ after the site posted a video of him during a private studio session talking about Taylor Swift‘s music and now the site is suing its source.

The 44-year-old entertainer is suing TMZ and Warner Bros. for copyright infringement, but the company’s lawyers are placing blame on their source Jacob Miller for claiming he had the right to sell the video in question.

“[At] the heart of this lawsuit is a straightforward question,” read the complaint filed by TMZ (via The Hollywood Reporter). “Who owned the copyright in the allegedly infringed video on December 4, 2015? On that date, Third-Party Defendant Jacob Guy Miller represented to (TMZ affiliate) EHM that he created the video, that he had the right to and would sell it to EHM, and that he was free to do so ‘without any obligations to any third party.’”

“If Mr. Miller was the videographer (as he said he was), and he had the right to transfer the work on December 4 (as he represented), then Plaintiff’s infringement claim necessarily fails, because Mr. Miller irrevocably gave EHM the right to publish the work as of that date. If [Leto‘s company Sisyphus Touring] owned the copyright on December 4, then Mr. Miller breached his representations, and he is liable for any judgment that may issue against [TMZ],” it continues.

To read the rest of the court documents, visit THR.com.

TMZ Sues Source That Leaked Jared Leto's Studio Video
Source: Just Jared

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