Nov 152017

Donald Trump can’t keep his mass shootings straight.

On Tuesday night, the president shared his condolences to the people of Sutherland Springs, Texas on Twitter, only to draw the ire of the internet’s fact checkers and grammar pundits.

The now-deleted post read:

Seems innocuous enough. So, why the hate?

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Aside from the obvious grammatical error, the shooting at Sutherland Springs occurred a over a week ago — and Trump already wished them well on November 4. Those who have yet to receive his well wishes are the victims of Tuesday’s shooting in Northern California that left five dead and ten injured after a domestic dispute.

Now, is it more likely that POTUS just wanted to send the Sutherland Springs folks extra love, or that he meant to tweet at the more recent shooting victims and just forgot to change the location in his “mass shooting response” template?

Twitics had a feeling it was the latter. Some sharp responses included:

Trump’s Tuesday night tweet to the people of Sutherland Springs has since been deleted, which is as close as we’ll get to POTUS apologizing for the flub.

Sure, there have been far too many mass shootings this year, but the fact that Trump puts more thought into his Kim Jong Un disses than the tragedy-stricken people of his country is yet another reminder of the kind of leader he is.

Thoughts? Prayers?

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Twitter Calls Donald Trump Out For Copy & Pasting His Mass Shooting Response After He Tweets Condolences To The Wrong City
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