Sep 032015

So juicy!

Tim Kelly and Tara Mack are two Republican lawmakers from Minnesota who happen to be married… just not to each other!

That’s why we were shocked to hear that they were caught making out in a parked car in a local park late August!

Apparently, the two politicians have been committee chairs in Minnesota’s House of Representatives together since 2009, but on August 25, they were allegedly caught in a much more precarious position.

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In fact, a park ranger claims he cited Tim, 51, for an illegally parked car when he noticed Tara, 32, had her pants unzipped and slightly removed!

Both Republicans are married with children, so obviously when the report came to light, they each denied the act, saying they were simply sharing files.

Downstairs files, it sounds like.

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For their families’ sake, we hope the park ranger was making the story up, but then again, the local Sheriff’s department is on his side!

Tim and Tara didn’t do anything too illegal aside from a pair of misdemeanor citations, but we doubt this will go over well with anyone they know, really.

[Image via Minnesota State Legislature.]

Two Republican State Representatives Allegedly Got Caught Making Out In A National Park & Are Now Denying The Claims!
Source: Perez Hilton

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