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Our hearts just break for Brittany Cartwright, especially after this last episode of Vanderpump Rules!

As you surely recall, at the end of last week’s ep., Jax Taylor shockingly ended things with Brittany — even after she forgave him for cheating on her. To make matters worse, Jax further painted himself as a sociopath when he revealed he had sex with Cartwright not long before the dumping.

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Taylor coldly admitted:

“Sex is sometimes not about relationships. Sometimes you just need to get off.”

Ew. Jax then went on to inform pals Katie Maloney and Tom Schwartz that he gave Brittany the boot shortly after boning her. Apparently, he found his breakup difficult, as he and Brittany had just spent a lovely morning together. The SUR bartender confessed:

“We had sex last night and this morning.”

Katie, who is also Brittany’s good friend, was unsurprisingly shaken up by Jax’s brutal honesty. In a confessional, Mrs. Schwartz noted:

“That is clinically, sociopathically insane.”

You can say that again, girl!! Mainly, because Jax showcased no emotions after breaking Brittany’s heart.

We mean, we didn’t really believe Mr. Taylor when he claimed in therapy that Brittany was the “first girlfriend that [he’s] had that [he] truly love[s] very, very, very much.” *Scoff* Sure, buddy.

As for Miz Cartwright, she was clearly in shock as she went on to party it up with her costars for most of the episode. The Kentucky native relayed that, while she was “embarrassed” by the situation, she was “basically numb” following the split.

Lisa Vanderpump obviously didn’t approve of Jax’s recent behavior, as in a preview for next week’s finale, she pondered about letting her longtime employee go.

While reprimanding Jax in person, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills vet dished out:

“Why don’t you hand me your resignation, do what you should have done a long time ago.”

Eek. However, we have a feeling the 38-year-old did some serious work on himself, as he’s since reunited with Brittany.

Another episode highlight occurred during Lala Kent‘s music showcase. After struggling at first to be accepted by the hot tempered SURvers, Miz Kent found lots of love and praise after displaying her singing abilities. Clearly proud of herself, Lala gushed:

“I have finally found my place in this group of bad bitches. Bad bitches need to unite. Let’s make it one big unified p*ssy fest.”

Hear! Hear!

Be sure to catch more Vanderpump Rules drama when it airs on Bravo on Mondays at 9 p.m. ET.

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Vanderpump Rules' Jax Taylor Coldly Reveals He Dumped Girlfriend Brittany Cartwright Right After Sleeping With Her TWICE! Recap HERE!
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