Dec 052015

It seems like everyone wants Brooks Ayers to face justice.

Just a month after it was revealed that Brooks forged medical documents from the City of Hope in a last ditch effort to “prove” a cancer diagnosis, members of Vicki Gunvalson‘s family are looking to have the conman prosecuted for his lies. Considering faking medical documents is a crime in California, Vick’s fam might just have a chance.

Wow, we would be thrilled to see Ayers face the music! A lot of fans are still disgusted by his inability to accept wrong — it seems like EVERYONE is to blame except him! Talk about narcissism 101!

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An insider close to the blonde’s brood explained:

“Vicki’s family wants the City of Hope to have Brooks prosecuted. What he did was horrible and Vicki would absolutely cooperate with law enforcement. Cops and the district attorney’s office would have a very clear path to conviction. Brooks is shown on camera with the faked documents, and later admitted he forged them.”

Sounds like a slam dunk case!

So, do YOU think Brooks should be prosecuted?

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Vicki Gunvalson's Family Hopes Brooks Ayers Is Charged With Forging Fake Medial Documents! Deets HERE!
Source: Perez Hilton

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