Apr 012016
Warners Reportedly Spending '10s of Millions' to Make 'Suicide Squad' Funnier
Warner Bros.

The Suicide Squad producers are calling an audible that’s reportedly costing Warner Bros. “tens of millions” in reshoots all in the name of lightening the tone of the movie. According to Devin Faraci at BirthMoviesDeath, the changes were mandated after audiences responded so positively to the latest trailer, which was packed with jokes and set to Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Here’s the trailer…

Producers were said to be worried that audience members might feel misled by the trailer once they got into the theater and sat down for a film that’s far darker than they expected. According to Faraci’s source, “Every joke in the movie is in that trailer.”

Of course the decision to go back for reshoots could very well be influenced by the reaction to the ultra-dour tone of Batman v Superman, and, maybe, by the success of Deadpool, which so successfully mixes over-the-top violence with a sense of humor. Whatever the mix of motivations, it seems like this is probably a good decision not just for Suicide Squad, but for the future of the DC movie universe, which is still in a place where a single movie can vastly influence its overall tone.

Warners Reportedly Spending '10s of Millions' to Make 'Suicide Squad' Funnier
Source: Zimbio

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