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If there’s one trend that we can’t seem to ignore, it’s colored tights. While you might be used to wearing classic black or sheer pairs of hosiery as a way to keep your legs warm during the colder months, or are partial to a pair of fishnets for an edgy layered look, there’s something about this bright trend that has us looking twice.

Perhaps you thought that this colorful look was reserved for the little ones in your life, but if Balenciaga and Versace have told us anything, adults can get playful with their wardrobes, too. If you aren’t sure how to style these bold tights for your day-to-day life, check out how our favorite style stars nailed the look.

Let your tights be the accent color of an otherwise neutral outfit. Want more? Coordinate them with accessories like your sunglasses..
Now is the perfect time to play with complementary colors. We’re loving this yellow and white combination.
Want to add some color but need something a little more subtle? A burgundy pair of hosiery will go with just about anything you wear.
If you’re wearing a patterned outfit, try picking one of the accent colors and coordinate them with your tights to really make it pop.
Forest green is a classic, understated color that will go with more earthy hues such as beige and brown.
When your ensemble has stand out colors, try wearing a pair of tights in a different shade to break up the overall look.
If you’re not entirely ready to dive deep into a rainbow of color, an opaque navy is the perfect way to work with color without going out of your comfort zone.
Swap out your standard black tights for a pair of bright purple ones to give your look that extra punch.

Yes, You Can Pull Off Colorful Tights and Here's How
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