Aug 222015

We’re still wrapping our heads around this split!

On Friday, Megan Fox filed for divorce from her partner of 11 years (married for 5) Brian Austin Green citing “irreconcilable differences”.

While the couple didn’t divulge a more specific reason for the break-up, we’ve learned some revealing info behind the split!

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According to a source, Fox’s burgeoning career wasn’t going over well with her husband whose star power has faded over the years. The insider confided:

“Megan and Brian’s split is a classic Hollywood story of two people in different stages of life and career. Megan is young and hot and sought after for work, and she is eager to move ahead in her career. Brian wants more of her time than she can allow.”

Uh-oh! It sounds like the exes were on two different paths!

The confidante added:

“She was overwhelmed with the children and her husband’s expectations, which got in the way of work responsibilities. They had many disagreements and arguments about her time at home, which led to problems. Megan has always been career-oriented and noted because she was so beautiful. Now she is being recognized for her talent, and like anyone else with Hollywood ambitions, she wants to pursue those options. The timing just wasn’t working for her relationship.”

Hmm, too bad Green couldn’t have been more supportive of his wife.

To be fair, however, life is a tricky balance and maybe Fox wasn’t holding up her end of the deal. Or perhaps it’s no one’s fault and they just have different desires!

So, do YOU think Meg’s career is to blame for the divorce? Let us know!

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Yikes! Did Megan Fox's Burgeoning Career End Her 11 Year Relationship With Brian Austin Green?
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