Feb 172016

Yolanda Foster did her best to raise Gigi Hadid & Bella Hadid right!

In a recent interview, Yolanda explained why she feels confident that her daughters are able to handle to fast paced lifestyle of modeling. It’s clear the momma wants everyone to know just how grounded her girls are!

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According to Yol, the fashionistas are so down to earth thanks to their simple beginnings:

“At the end of the day, both Gigi and Bella are simple girls that were raised on a farm in Santa Barbara, riding horses every day of their lives.”

Ah, now it makes sense why Bella is such an accomplished equestrian!

The blonde added:

“This is all great and beautiful… but this is business, this is work. I can see when this all becomes too much, I put them on a horse, let them jump a couple of courses, and that’s when they get back to, ‘OK, I remember, this is who I am.'”

Aww, what a caring and doting momma! We’re especially glad Foster was able to support Gigi at Tommy Hilfiger‘s show yesterday!

As for the reality star’s battle with lyme disease and making G.H.’s big show, she divulged:

“You know, I’m up, out of bed, and you know, excited to be here.”

Hopefully this means Foster is on her way to 100% recovery!

What do YOU think of Yolanda’s comments?

Yolanda Foster Reveals How Gigi & Bella Hadid Manage To Stay Humble!
Source: Perez Hilton

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