Jan 112019

Sometimes, there’s nothing more annoying than investing in a trend, wearing it proudly, and then realizing it’s on its way out faster than it came in. This is especially troublesome with shoes because ditching footwear silhouettes you wore only a few times basically feels like a crime. Fortunately, in the sneaker department, those silhouettes you gave into over the last few seasons (chunky sneakers and the like) are still sticking around well into 2019.

To prove it, we turned to the spring runways for a sense of the most popular styles and matched them with the Instagram feeds of some of our favorite fashion girls. We uncovered that many of the general silhouettes you know and love are in it for the long haul. Keep scrolling to check out these sneakers, and if you haven’t tested out one of the trends yet, it’s not too late.

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You're Safe—These Sneaker Trends Aren't Going Out
Source: Who What Wear

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