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It’s not exactly a secret that Hollywood can be a bit behind the times when it comes to casting! Just look at last year’s predominately white Oscar noms!

But one issue that doesn’t garner as much attention is the lack of LGBT actors landing leading roles in major films!!

In a recent interview, Zachary Quinto opened up about his journey as an openly gay actor and seems to think it’s a perfect time for more actors and actresses to come out and be comfortable in their own skin!

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The 38-year-old pointed to the progress of the transgender community thanks to figures like Laverne Cox, and says the rest of the LGBT should follow in their footsteps:

“We’re rapidly evolving as a society, and I think there’s a lot of celebration in that. I think there’s a lot to be grateful for. The more that people from diverse backgrounds can stand up with integrity and integrate who they are in an authentic way to their creative process then everybody benefits and we all move forward together as a result. So I see myself as one of many, many people who have had their own journey that has defined them and contributed to the larger goals of advancement and equality, and that’s something that I’m proud of. But we can’t stop, and so I do invite any gay actor to be who they are and to stand up and fight for their capacity to play different roles and to do different things. The more people can do that and stand by it, the more we’ll see it continue as we already have.”

Amen, brother!!!

And who better to lead such a movement than an accomplished actor like Zach???

We would absolutely LOVE to see more openly gay actors landing major roles, and he EVEN went as far as to say we could eventually have a gay James Bond!!

Count us in!! Instead of a womanizing spy he could be a manizing spy! HOT!

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Zachary Quinto Has A Message For All The LGBT Actors Who Haven't Come Out Yet: Hollywood Is Ready!
Source: Perez Hilton

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